> FERMI SUPERCOMPUTER, Cineca, Italy ~ World Top Super Computers

Monday, 22 October 2012


A look at the IBM Ble Gene / Q systems powering the Fermi supercomputer at Cineca in Italy. In seventh place is the FERMI system housed at Cineca, a non-profit consortium, made up of 54 Italian universities and research organizations. FERMI is composed of 10.240 PowerA2 sockets running at 1.6GHz, with 16 cores each, totaling 163.840 compute cores and a system peak performance of 2.1 PFlops. Each processor comes with 16Gbyte of RAM (1Gbyte per core). The system will be equipped with a scratch storage system with a capacity of 2 petabytes and bandwidth in excess of 100 GByte/s. FERMI will enable computational science of scale, and will allow Italian and European teams of researchers to perform computationally intensive, large-scale research projects attacking fundamental problems in science and engineering that require massive calculations. ISCRA (Italian SuperComputing Resources Allocation) and PRACE will manage the access to the Tier-0 supercomputer by the way of international peer-review procedures ensuring world-class research is carried out that will be competitive worldwide. The system is named for Enrico Fermi, the Italian-born nuclear physicist


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